Friday, August 04, 2006

Acts 2:1-21

I have been thinking a lot of how, when Christians who are really seeking the Lord gather, the Lord really is in their midst. We are comforted and strengthened by our fellowship with God and each other, but more important, acts of kindness and reaching out result and the good news is shared.

I think prayer is behind this. I know that if what I really want is even stronger bonds between us as believers, I should pray more for it. Again, those bonds are not just for our comfort but for others to come to the Lord.

These verses in Acts describe the coming of the Holy Spirit to the small group of the first believers, those brave few to whom we owe so much. Christ had hung on the cross not too many days before. They had seen Him after His resurrection. They had stared up looking at the place in the heavens to where He had ascended, until two angels came and asked them, what are you doing just standing there staring? He’s coming back. (I guess the point is that we are not meant to stand around staring). (1:11).

The description of the coming of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful and somewhat familiar passage. Two things stood out to me as I ponder the Holy Spirit’s presence as we gather together; one; the people prayed. Acts 1:14 says “they joined together constantly in prayer.” They certainly needed God at this stage but so do we in 2006. God certainly answered their prayers in a mighty way.

Two, they were all gathered (2:1) when God sent the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit does speak to us individually but when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost the result was that many people at once heard the gospel in their own language and the Word of God was spread to many peoples.

Let’s all pray and pray hard, for God to come to us and do great things for His kingdom.

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