Friday, August 25, 2006

Acts 9:1-9

Much has been written about Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. One of the reasons that this particular conversion was so amazing is that Paul was a self-described fanatic on Judaism and Judeo law. He was a Pharisee, one of the high priests who conspired to have Jesus killed. He was very proud of the role he played in the stoning of Stephen. In fact, he had made a name for himself during that event in that he “watched over the robes” of Stephen’s killers.

I imagine Paul as one of those all or nothing type of guys. No partial conversion for him. After the Lord’s visitation to Paul as described in these verses, Paul did not respond by picking and choosing what aspects of God’s call he would live. After that day, he did not wake up thinking “I just don’t feel like being a disciple of God’s Word today.” He was in – hook, line and sinker. In fact, he was in to the death.

What was your conversion like? My guess is that you were not surrounded by a blinding light and a booming voice from heaven. It may have been subtle. Sometimes you have to listen very carefully to hear God’s call. God probably had to hit Paul very hard with something to cause his conversion because He knew that Paul was probably one of His toughest cases.

But God calls each of us, regardless of the nature of the call or how the call is made. If we aren’t watching and listening, we may not hear it. By prayer and devotion to God’s Word, by giving yourself quiet time to be with God, these are ways you can listen. Even though we may not have our physical space filled with light, by answering God’s call, your heart and soul will be filled with the light of Christ. At that moment, your conversion will be like Paul’s – wondrous and life-changing.

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