Saturday, August 26, 2006

Acts 9:10-19

Yesterday, we read the story of Saul (Paul) being blinded by a flash of light as he was working to arrest followers of Jesus.

Today, we read about the part Ananias played in the story of Saul. God told Ananias to go to Saul and lay hands on him. Ananias knows who Saul is and how dangerous Saul is to believers. I imagine Ananias experienced a combination of fear, uncertainty, anger and opposition to God’s request. After all, why would God want him to help a man who was persecuting and killing people who believed in and followed Jesus?

I’m not so sure I would have been so obedient to God or so compassionate to Saul. But Ananias put aside his fear and, possibly, hatred to do as God had asked. And, he even does it in a loving way. The love of God gives Ananias the courage, compassion, and willingness to do as He asks. Ananias has experienced and been filled with God’s love. Because of the changes God has made in Ananias, he is able to go to Saul and treat him as a brother

What a great example of the powerful things God’s love can work in all of us.

Sue Reier

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