Thursday, August 17, 2006

John 4:27-42

Recently I had the opportunity to see Bono, the lead singer of U2, interviewed by an influential Christian leader. During the course of the interview, Bono said that he had no problem with Jesus Christ or his message. He just did not like Christians very much. They were too judgmental. If you did not conform to their plan for what was required for salvation then you were out. Today’s reading from John’s gospel made me think back on how many times I have judged someone based on their appearance, economic status, or concluded that they did not have much potential for a relationship based on level of education, sexual orientation or even what type of Christian box I placed them in. I am not alone unfortunately. Even Christ’s disciples are guilty of this. They are amazed that Jesus was talking to a not only a woman, but a Samaritan woman. Someone whose life and religious practices were quite different form their own. If we look carefully at today’s reading, Jesus shows us two things. First, the Kingdom and salvation are available to everyone, not just those who claim to be his followers. Second, Jesus meets us where we are, not condemning, not judging but loving us. He sees the potential in each of us and he reaches out to our need showing how much he loves us not because of what we are or the type of sins we commit or how we practice or don’t practice our faith. He calls us to do the same. He calls each of us to reach out to others, to see potential just as he saw potential in the Samaritan woman. This unlikely evangelist who brought her family and friends to Christ could be the person you reach out to today. Lord, help me see potential in everyone I encounter today, judge less and love more because even though we don’t deserve your love you love us anyway!

Ann Ritonia

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