Saturday, September 02, 2006

Acts 11:1-18

The vision came unsought, unleashed bizarre
Menageries upon a linen sheet
Suspended, then descending from the stars
Whence came a voice that bade me "kill and eat."
Defile myself? Oh may it never be
That I should dine on meat from unclean beasts!
Again the voice, again insistently:
What God has cleansed is worthy of the feast.
Three men were at the door with invitations
To go to Caesarea, take a meal
With people unlike me, beneath my station,
Unclean, uncouth, the promise unrevealed
To them; but then I knew--and still I hear it:
I must not hinder those who share that Spirit.

Is it possible even today that God could show us something that would shock us?
How would we react? What would we do?
May we pray, and listen too.

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