Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Acts 14:1-18

Daily Devotional – Tuesday September 12
Acts 14:1-18

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Greetings dear Reader. I am back after 2 weeks in the far-far North without internet. God has provided us such a wonderful world to live in and I am blessed to be able to see much of it. I just wish airplanes had bigger windows so I could see even more. Oh well, this and heaven too.

I love many things including history and The Bible. The Acts of the Apostles provides both in abundance. Acts not only provides an account of how the early Church was established but provides teaching as well. Many of our Christian beliefs and values that we so often take for granted today were very difficult 2000 years ago. While we are familiar today with religious persecution, it is very different from what Paul and Barnabas experienced as described in today’s reading. Paul and Barnabas were preaching a new belief that challenged the common belief at the time. There was passionate resistance to the point of violence. Rather than giving up and giving in to the fear they must have felt, they left to continue their mission in another place. They were “driven” to preach the “new” word of God.

Paul sees the crippled man. Not only does he see him but he looks inside him. He sees his faith. Paul can see that the man believes that Paul has the power to make him walk. Paul did not give the man the ability to walk. This power was always there within the crippled man but needed to be released by God. Paul was the instrument of God’s love.

We often refer to the living God. Here Paul teaches how the one and only true God lives among us. The story tells of how the Greeks tried to put the new religion in “old cloths” by trying to worship Paul and Barnabas as Gods. Paul becomes again very passionate and describes the one great living God that gave his living human Son, the heaven, sea and this wonderful earth we are blessed to call home. In fact God has given all that is good and will continue to do so in the future; even after death. Praise and thanks to you Lord God.


John Dickie, September 12 2006

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