Tuesday, November 28, 2006

1 Corinthians 3:10-23

Daily Devotional – Tuesday Nov.28, 2006
1 Corinthians 3:10-23

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Today Paul uses the analogy of a master builder preparing a foundation on which to build a building. He acknowledges that through the grace of God, he has been given the skill and opportunity to provide the foundation of our lives; and that is Jesus Christ. He then causes his readers to question the value of their works that they place on the foundation and how these works will withstand the test of life. He uses fire as the test of life. While the fire may destroy the products of our lives; it will as well “refine” our salvation. Through Jesus we will survive the final judgment (test by refining fire).

Paul also suggests that we should be careful not to be deceived by intellectual wisdom. To love God does not require great wisdom. We can often be distracted and led by the human wisdom of teachers who may not teach from the foundation of Jesus Christ. The building we create in our lives must align with its foundation if it is to survive the storm or life. We need to seek God’s wisdom. It is not complicated or difficult and it is available to all.

I have had many teachers in my life; some good and some not so good. Often it was much later that I was able to judge the value of the teaching I received. The people that have taught me the most are those who truly care about me the most. Yes I did have school teachers and bosses and fellow workers who provided guidance, knowledge and showed great wisdom to me over my life. I sincerely believe their goal was to help me and not just to teach me. However my greatest teachers have been my family. My wife’s great wisdom has taught me how to live the life God intended for me. As well my children and grand children teach me every day without even knowing they are teaching me. They have taught me how to love. As I love them, I love God knowing that Jesus loves me. The circle of love with God in the middle. It is available to all and just for the asking. Thanks be to God.


John Dickie, Nov.28, 2006

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