Tuesday, November 21, 2006

James 3:1-12

Daily Devotional – Tuesday Nov.21, 2006
James 3:1-12

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Dear Reader, we have spent the last few weeks pondering John’s vision of the future in Revelations. This has been a view of the end of all things as Fr. Rob described it on Sunday Morning. Today we are in a very different place. James gives us a lecture on the “unruly tongue”. James speaks clearly about how we as Christians are to treat each other. He teaches us but he starts with how important it is to be a teacher. Much is expected from those who have much to offer.

I have always considered teachers as the most underrated and recognized professionals in our society. They shape our children and our society ….and often more than we do. We place a great responsibility on Teachers and yet they are not paid enough or get the support they deserve. The consequence is that often the best teachers are off being successful in other professions and are not teaching. Teachers use their voice as the tool of their trade.

We are reminded that we are not perfect. This lack of perfection can be spread to others through how we speak to each other. However the opposite is true as well. As we show the example of Jesus Christ in how we communicate with each other, we can become more perfect. A life centered on Jesus teachings gives us the opportunity to overcome our imperfection. We are who we are. We cannot change our inner nature ourselves. Our own tongue shows our true nature and can be a very destructive force. Something so small can leverage a great result and not always for the good.

James is telling us to reveal God through our behavior and by what we say. Jesus has taught us to speak the truth in Love, to compliment and to encourage, to forgive and to comfort. God’s gift of the Holy Spirit gives us the power to control our nature and our tongue and use it for his service. What a wonderful gift it is!


John Dickie, Nov.21, 2006

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