Saturday, November 25, 2006

James 5:13-20

This is the church, the local community of believers, as it ought to be, and if we agree with God, how it will be in practice.

Those who suffer in body, mind, or soul, will be the object of congregational prayerful uplifting, and they will be healed.
Those who have cause to rejoice will sing it from the wellsprings of their exultation, and will inspire those whose spirits drag.
Those who are mired in the guilt and shame of sin will unburden their load on those who will receive them without condemnation, and they will be reunited with them.
Those who have wandered for years in a dry desert will find their oasis, the place of cooling, relieving, growth-yielding rain.

May we be patient when we wait for the Lord, but impatient when we see people that God has called us to love.
May we persevere as Elijah did, with expectation of the coming Anointed One.
May we become the congregation that James encourages us to become.

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