Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Revelation 16:1-11

In today’s reading we begin the bowl judgments. You might ask what are the bowl judgments? Didn’t we discuss judgments earlier in Revelation? What were those judgments? All good questions.

The bowl judgments are God’s final and complete judgments on the earth. The earlier judgments in Revelation are called the trumpet judgments. To me, there are three main distinctions between the bowl judgments and the trumpet judgments.

(1) The bowl judgments are complete and final. The trumpet judgments only affected a part of the earth and heavens.
(2) Because of (1), the trumpet judgments still give unbelievers the opportunity to repent. The bowl judgments do not – that is what is meant by a final judgment.
(3) The trumpet judgments indirectly affects mankind. All of the bowl judgments directly affect mankind.

In today’s reading we know the people receiving these bowl judgments know they are coming from God. We know this because in the reading mankind curses God for sending these judgments upon the earth. Now this is very important as I think this is the key, or at least one key, message in today’s reading.

I know each of us has met people that have a very hard heart towards Christianity and perhaps religion in general. Some of these people may even be hostile towards the subject. When the trumpet judgments come, and God’s power is revealed, I am amazed that all people do not repent. I mean what other proof does one need? However, from the reading today we know some will refuse to repent – some will have such a hardened heart that they will not repent. The message is, if you, or I, find ourselves ignoring God on a particular issue, we should turn back to Him now before our heart becomes too hard to repent. If we ignore God for an extended period of time, today’s reading tells us that at some point a human heart will become unable to receive His word and then it will be too late to turn back to Him.

Wishing you the best in your walk with Christ,
Richard Leach

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