Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Revelation 19:1-10

Daily Devotional – Tuesday Nov.14, 2006
Revelation 19:1-10

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Today we continue to share John’s apocryphal vision. In fact these opening 10 verses of the 19th chapter bring us to the end of the 7 visions and show us the end of the struggle and the fall of Babylon or of Rome. It can also be seen as the end of the Evil Empire. No this isn’t Star Wars though George Lucas may have been reading revelations back in the 70’s or it may have been some other mind-altering source.

John tells us of God’s judgment of the “harlot”. This judgment is not a good one. This judgment comes in the midst of great jubilation, noise and the 4 cries of Halleluiah! We are then told we are invited to the wedding feast to celebrate the wedding of the Lamb (Christ) and his Bride (The Church – you and me). The Bride is clothed in fine white linen and is bright and pure. To be invited to the wedding feast means we have also been judged but found to be pure and worthy. Our love and faith in Jesus our advocate in heaven has made us worthy of this great privilege.

This is wonderful image after the many images of conflict and strife that come before. It is a great relief that the conflict is coming to an end and that God and The Lamb have prevailed. How wonderful it is to be chosen; to be chosen for anything. I remember how I felt when I was selected by Margot to be her husband. Wow! I remember how I felt when I was chosen for my first promotion. I know how thrilled my grandson was last week when he was chosen for the soccer all-star team. These are moments you don’t forget and they change your life. Being chosen is great but what is greater is what you do with the opportunity you are given. I believe the old cliché that “you cannot win if you don’t play”. God expects us to play. He demands us to play. Those around us judge us every day AND we are judged by God. We are judged by what we do as this defines who we are. As verse 19:10 points out, we are judged as equals regardless of who we are. God does not differentiate between our deeds. He loves us equally. “Halleluiah”


John Dickie, Nov.14, 2006

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