Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Isaiah 1:21-31; Psalms 5, 6; 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12; Luke 20:9-18

Back to basics! I believe that living in a suburban metropolitan area as we do makes it difficult to avoid being caught up in the fast paced life style. Not that the fast paced life style is a bad thing, but it can consume so much of our thoughts and time that we might neglect the basics of what God asks us to do. One of these is prayer.

In the psalm readings for today, David prays to God asking him to hear his cries and to show him the righteous path to follow. He is struggling with his enemies, and he knows that he can lift that burden up to God. David reaffirms through his prayers that God will deal with the wicked and evildoers. By passing on his burdens to God through prayer, David becomes free to focus on doing God’s will.

Recently, I came to realize that I was caught up in the rush of my daily activities and dwelling on events and people that I could not change. It seemed as if I was traveling in circles trying to find somewhere to go. But when I got back to the basics of praying to God for his help and guidance, he comforted me and revealed the path he had prepared for me. I felt the burden lifted and began directing my energies where I knew they should go. What a great feeling!

The psalm readings remind me that communicating through prayer helps me form and strengthen the basis for my relationship with God. I ask God to guide me through difficult decisions and problems. He gives me the strength I need to focus on the good works that I can do, and not on the people who have wronged me or things that I cannot change. God hears me when I talk to him, and he answers my prayers.

Pray to God for strength and guidance to use your gifts and energies as he wants. Pray that we never get so busy that we neglect the importance of talking with God.

- Peter Hart

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