Friday, January 19, 2007

Ephesians 6:1-9

The title of this passage could be “Behaving Properly At Home and At Work”. Sounds easy enough. Much of it is common sense. How hard can this be?

But we know differently. Our lives are so jammed packed not just with activities, but with stuff that keeps our minds from focusing on what is important. Today has so far been one of those days for me. I typically listen to Christian CD’s on the way into work as a morning devotional. Sometimes it’s music and sometimes a bible devotional or a talk of some kind. So, this morning I had music on but instead of concentrating on what I was hearing, I was running through the list of things I need to do and getting anxious about the things I had not done yet. Not a good start.

I get into my office and the first thing that happens is computer problems. (Actually, the computer isn’t the problem, it’s the anxious operator, desperate to get the work done and knowing way to little to get the computer to do what I want). On days like this I find that at the end of the day, I feel as if I have behaved very badly and it’s not a nice feeling. Long story short, how can someone with so much “stuff” filling their brain remember to behave properly?

First of all, we need to keep perspective. Sure there are many things we must do or there are consequences. But I have found that those things do get done whether or not I worry over them. The more I worry over things, the less I remember about saying hello and giving a smile to my fellow workers. Yet, how many times did Jesus admonish his disciples when they worried over things instead of looking at the larger picture?

Second of all, keep your humor. As soon as I hear something funny, or smile over a comment, the sun comes out and I get a fresh look on the day. That “break” causes me to shake myself off and start over.

So, brother and sister, I am hopeful that I can start this day over and start behaving the way Paul instructed the Ephesians to behave.

Vicki Nelson

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