Saturday, January 27, 2007

Galatians 3:23-29

For most of us, we were surrounded and protected when we were young by parents and family, teachers, and others who worked very hard to give us a foundation for living a good life. Although we may not have appreciated all of their efforts, they tried their best to keep us out of trouble and pointed in the right direction.

God cared for His people in a similar way. He provided the Law, through Moses, to give them boundaries to protect and direct them. What foods to eat and what sacrifices and offerings to make are two broad examples. The Law was studied and followed so they could stay on the path to salvation. But, they didn’t have a direct relationship with God.

At times, it may seem easier to follow a written set of laws. At least the Law is something concrete; spelled out in meticulous detail. You know exactly what is expected of you for a given situation. Having faith can be challenging. When we go through tough times we can’t always feel God’s presence; His peace. And, there are times when it seems like He just isn’t listening. But can you imagine not being able to go directly to God to ask His forgiveness or cry out for help?

God made a promise to Abraham and He fulfilled that promise when Jesus came to live among us. Jesus has adopted us as members of His family and relationship with our God is part of our inheritance. Through our faith in Jesus, we can go straight to God, ask for His forgiveness, for help, and even complain.

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