Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mark 1:14-28

Daily Devotional – Tuesday Jan. 9, 2007
Mark 1:14-28

Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Greetings dear reader. It is a blessing to be back with you following the wonderful Christmas experience. It is also an honor to be given this opportunity to read and to personalize the Holy Scripture in this manner. This experience has served to strengthen my understanding of The Bible and has also served to confirm my faith.

Today in Mark’s Gospel we read of Jesus’ very early acts and how he established his reputation. Jesus had something very important to say and he needed to gather people around him to spread his message. The analogy of the fisherman’s net is so simple and yet so profound. He spoke to fisherman in a language they understood. When he went into the synagogue to teach he did not do so as teacher or scribe but as someone with authority. He also made it very clear where that authority came from – from God. I have had many teachers in my life who taught me because it was their job and they really didn’t care whether I learned or not. I have also been fortunate to have teachers who really wanted me to learn and in doing so showed that they cared. This is the kind of teacher that attracts students who in turn would spread the teaching. Often these good teachers would teach by example.

Jesus speaks to our spiritual inner self. This is where the demons dwell. He knows they are there and calls them out. Why did he do this to the man in Capernaum? First I believe he wanted the man to know that God loves him and wants his spirit to be clean. I also believe that he wanted to show that he was the Son of God with the authority of God. He possessed the power to defeat the demon and he used it. What an incredible experience it must have been for those people who witnessed this act of compassion and to see the Power of God. This was an experience that had to be shared with everyone. It is no wonder the Good News spread as quickly as it did. Jesus continues to teach through the Gospels and through each of us. Through his Resurrection and Pentecost we also possess the Power of God to defeat demons and cure the body and souls of others. We are also called to continue to spread the good news. What a wonderful privilege it is.


John Dickie, Jan.9, 2007

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