Saturday, February 03, 2007

Galatians 5:25 - 6:10

I was going to go in an utterly different direction with this, until I saw the short film, "Luggage", part of the NOOMA series, the other day. Like the travelers departing from and arriving at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are each transporting our stuff along the way. Some of us travel lightly; some of us bear the accumulated weight of what has been done to us, or what we ourselves have done, or just what simply happened to us, on the journey.

Business travelers, more often than not, are solo artists in the flight line. But we, like the church at Galatia, are members of a community of the Spirit. We are bound to one another in a way that random travelers, thrown together by a coincidence of flight schedules, cannot be. We can bear one another's burdens, we can thus "fulfill the law of Christ" as Paul describes it, but that shared burden is what also enables each of us to answer a unique call to the work of the Spirit.
The Spirit, the eternal pneuma, is calling us to live, to be guided, to restore, to be gentle, to share, to sow. NOW is the time for us not to weary of all the things that weigh upon us, all the contentiousness that the media feast upon, and keep moving forward to work for the good of all.

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