Friday, February 09, 2007

II Timothy 3:1-17

How do I make God’s desires, my desires? Paul himself struggled with this. He starts this chapter with a description of people’s actions in the last days (rash, unforgiving, loving pleasure rather than loving God, …very convicting!). He talks about people who are “always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth” in verse7. This means people who listen to the message of Christ but don’t allow Him to change their hearts, but verse 7 struck me, as I like to learn, but how much of it makes me into a kinder person?

A couple times in this chapter Paul talks about deceivers. As mentioned above, he says deceivers gain control of “weak-willed women who are loaded down with sins, “ and who are “always learning but are never able to acknowledge the truth” (verse 6-7). He warns against deceivers again in verse 13. He then goes on to tell us how not to be deceived, and our weapon against deception is the Word of God; Scripture.

We find in Scripture our weapon against the many things that Satan would throw at us. I love this familiar ending of this chapter, “All Scripture is God breathed…” (verse 16) and if we heed it, then , our desires will be God’s desires. We will be ready for every good work. (v 17). If we have a disagreement, love each other. Be patient. Remember what we have learned from Paul’s love of God, Moses’ determination not to go anywhere unless God went with him, and other examples. I thank God for Scripture.

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