Friday, March 16, 2007

Jeremiah 11:1-20; Psalm 88; Romans 6:1-11; John 8:33-47

In hectic times in life, especially the holidays, it seems there’s never enough time, never enough money, never enough energy to get what we need done. Rarely do we stop and think about what we have, or how far we have come and what got us here. Maybe if we did that more often, our aspects of life would seem different, and we would be more kind and patient.

And even when we do realize what we have, we fail to realize we have God in our lives and what he can give us. We can confide in him and ask him for help; we can follow his path in life. I think we need to have more faith in him and what he can do for us. When something doesn’t go our way, we should learn to accept it and adapt to it rather than question him and his plan. As bad as it gets, he always seems to give us enough to get through it, if we know where to look for it.

Amanda Henry

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