Thursday, May 03, 2007

Colossians 2:8-23

Colossians is first and foremost a book about Christ. It’s about the Christ who is the Lord of the universe, the church, and our lives. It’s about the Christ who is head over every power and authority, who holds everything together, and who will reconcile all things to himself.

As one of Time magazines 100 most influential people in 2006, Stephen Colbert was asked, “Who you think the next “Person of the Year” should be?” He replied, “Jesus Christ. Three reasons: 1) short but effective résumé–’God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God’; 2) he’s been on a lot of TIME covers; 3) he could be coming back any day now, and you do not want to be the guy who left him off the list…”

That answer might serve as a pretty good summary of the book of Colossians. OK, so Colossians never mentions Time. But it makes the point over and over again the yes, Jesus really is God, and that we need to be prepared for the day he appears again. We do not want to be the one who leaves him off our list of the most influential people in our lives. In fact, we do not want to be those who have Jesus anywhere but at the very top of that list.

Beginning with the final paragraph of today’s reading, Colossians goes on to show how who Jesus is has everything to do with how we live our lives. He is to be the most powerful influence in our lives. And yet, there are often far more powerful people and forces that, if the truth be told, are the ones that are most directly and immediately shaping our lives.

That got me thinking. Maybe it would be a good thing for those of us who call ourselves Christians to do a “Jesus inventory.” Maybe we’d do well to begin looking at every area of our lives—relationships, work, free time, money, etc.—and ask, “Is Jesus really Lord over this area of my life? Is he shaping how I live this area of my life, or is it someone or something else?”

Jesus is Lord. And I want him to be my Lord. But for that to be the case, the book of Colossians asks me to consider that I just may need to take Jesus a bit more seriously than I presently do. How about you?

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