Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hebrews 6:13-20

Daily Devotional – Tuesday May 22, 2007
Hebrews 6:13-20
Lord, bless me with understanding and clarity. Open me to your message and love.

Could anything be better than to know that God, the creator of all, knows you exist and loves you? This is a truth we have been taught from birth. Can we really grasp the significance of this truth? God gives blessing to Abraham and tells him that he and his family will prosper and grow. This was a promise from God in whom Abraham had total confidence. Wow! God had great plans for Abraham and knew that Abraham needed the confirmation of God’s recognition, love and support.

In today’s passage we are reminded of Abraham’s blessing by God. In this same passage Jesus is referred to as a high priest. This is not normally how Paul presents Jesus in his letters and writings. This short passage places Jesus in the context of the Old Testament with the reference to Melchiz’edek. My research revealed that Genesis tells that Melchiz’edek was a high priest who blessed Abraham following a battle and was therefore above him. For Jesus to be a high priest above Melchiz’edek means that Jesus was above all the priests of the Old Testament.

God’s blessing of Abraham was not sufficient to ensure the salvation of his chosen people. They rebelled against him and went their own way. We know now that it was God’s blessing of his son Jesus Christ, the true and only high Priest, who has ensured lasting salvation for us all.

Don’t we all want to be recognized as special? I think back to the times in my life when I was recognized as special and how good I felt. I have also learned the joy of recognizing others as being special. This joy of recognizing others exceeds the ego satisfaction of being recognized. However, there is little that makes me feel any better than when a 12 year old boy or 8 year old girl tell me they love me. Truly this is God speaking to my heart. Thanks be to God!

God bless us this day and every day and may God’s to-do list guide us today!


John Dickie, May 22, 2007

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