Thursday, June 07, 2007

2 Corinthians 8:16-24

Titus is certainly the "go-to" guy. This entire verse is based upon the proverbial expression that "We are sending the A-Team".

It must of been hard for those early evangelicals. Talk about a wing and a prayer. They were hoping to win an entire nation based upon the teachings of one man, Jesus, who, at that time, many believed was a trouble maker. This verse is an explanation by Paul of whom he is sending to Corinth and their credentials. This was obviously a very important decision by Paul of whom to send and why.

Credentials. I may not relate to Paul's or Titus' mission, but I can relate to getting folks to listen and believe in what I say. I have no personal credentials. I am no different than anyone else in that regard. However, I know how God has moved my life, and that is all that I can explain. And that was all that Titus and the others had as well. Paul was certainly one of the best in describing his one momentous visit with Jesus on the road to Damascus.

I submit to you that anyone can be a Titus. Faith provides the credentials anyone needs to be a living testament to God. You do not need to be well read or a good public speaker. You do need to be strong in your faith and your convictions. You need to believe that God provides the opportunities for you to evangelize and He will also provide the means. In this way, we can all live St. Matthew's vision - to know and share God's love.

Vicki Nelson

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