Saturday, June 09, 2007

2 Corinthians 9:1-15

The Money for God’s People

“A few seeds make
a small harvest,
but a lot of seeds make
a big harvest.”

At times we may compartmentalize our thinking about stewardship, leaving it to its “niche” season – not this hot day in June when we are transitioning to summer breaks and graduations. The commitments we make to giving for the sake of God’s people and purposes are made, but mentally we may move on to our next task. We may not realize and visualize how our giving is making an impact when it is received.

In this passage Paul cites the living network of givers who, by their collective offerings of love, are multiplying their effectiveness and sharing in the blessing that God is bestowing on many. How many chances we will have this summer to multiply blessings! With mission trips looming, with many needs known and unknown, there is rich possibility indeed. May we work together in all grace to pour many, many seeds into the plantings, wherever they may be. All we know and need to know is that God will take what we do and make it perfect. Amen.

Matt Brown

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