Saturday, June 30, 2007

Acts 7:30-43

There are several different points illustrated in today’s reading.

First, Moses answers God’s summons. He gives up riches, power and prestige to follow God. Moses doesn’t dwell on the past or what might have been but moves into brand new territory. His life changes drastically; both physically and in his relationship with God.

Second, God cares deeply for His people and wants to protect them and guide them. Verse 34 tells us God heard the groaning of His people and He came down to help them.

Third, Moses was rejected by the people. The Israelites didn’t trust that Moses was God’s choice to lead them. They believed that Moses would desert them so they turned to their old ways.

The fourth is related to Moses’ rejection. God’s people – His chosen ones – rejected Him. They didn’t trust that God would lead, protect and care for them. They turned to other gods and idols.

What strikes me most in this reading is how God continues to love, care and reach out to us. It doesn’t matter how poorly we treat Him or how much we hurt Him. It doesn’t matter how undeserving we are. If we ask His forgiveness and help, He welcomes us back with open arms. He provides leaders like Moses and sustenance like manna to help us through our journeys.

Thank you, Lord, for people like Moses and Abraham. Thank you for all the people you’ve brought into my life to teach me, lead me and help me to move forward in my journey with you. Amen.

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