Friday, September 28, 2007

1 Corinthians 7:1-7


One thing that strikes me about this passage is that it’s about sharing. (Although, the first thing that I thought was, “Why me?,” since it discusses intimate relations in marriage).

I thought of kindness, and how we are called to show kindness to the people we are married to, or others in our household. We are even called to share our bodies. It’s obvious that Paul is talking about intimate relations in marriage, but we share our bodies in other ways too. We are called to share ourself, even when we are tired, to go the extra mile, to do our chores cheerfully, to take the time and energy to help our families, to take a breath and respond cheerfully or at least calmly when we don’t feel like it, in our own homes.

On my fridge I have posted a quote from an old devotional by F.W.Robertson which begins, “Let the weakest, let the humblest remember, that in his daily course he can, if he will, shed around him almost a heaven.” As I have journeyed with Christ He has made me aware of how I can be kinder to those I live with. It is humbling to see how far I have to go, after having been a Christian for so long, but it’s exciting that I still can learn.

As it happens, this week is my spouse’s birthday. So, I’d like to thank him for the kindnesses he has shown to me; for going with me to the dentist when I was afraid to have teeth pulled, for holding my hand while snorkeling, for teaching our kids to draw, for making dinner.

May we all be sharers in our homes, and shed a heaven around us.

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