Saturday, September 29, 2007

1 Corinthians 7:10-24

Where I am. As I am.
That's how and what the call is.

Not that The Call doesn't invite or urge me to change. Not that The Call doesn't ask everything of me. Not that sacrifice isn't central to answering The Call.

If I'm working when The Call comes, I'm not automatically expected to quit my job. If my wardrobe runs to t-shirts and jeans, I'm not obliged to trade them in for polos and khakis (or vice versa). I can remain vegetarian or vegan or a steak-and-potatoes guy. I can keep my ear/nose/tongue/navel/whatever ring, my tatoos, my dreadlocks. I can vote for whoever I was going to vote for in November of this year or next. The Call is about none of those things.

If I'm committed, legally, to another person, that commitment is still binding on me. I have been set Free in a sense that no earthly king or court can change. But I'm still obliged to my significant other. If he or she leaves me because I have answered The Call, so be it. But I should not seek that separation.

Let the change come from within me. Let my heart be changed so that those who truly know me will know that I have changed, my priorities are different, but I am not ashamed of the identity that I had and still have. God put me in this place to be an ambassador for him. I'm on a mission now, deployed as part of a global network. I need to be about that mission, a mission that is not about outward branding.

It's all about the things that are eternal.

Today, let me think on those things, and I will truly be answering The Call.

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