Tuesday, October 09, 2007

1 Cor. 11:2,17-22

My family has a rich tradition of teasing – we consider it is a sign of affection since we tease people that we care about. I have to admit that it is a delicate and sometimes treacherous road but we generally follow a couple of guidelines to promote “safety”:
  • specific personal physical features are off limits (general family features like big lips however are fair game)
  • teasing should always produce laughter not hurt feelings
Sarcasm is a natural part of the teasing that I have practiced and experienced in my family and since I have had a lifetime of exposure to sarcasm, it kind of jumped off the page at me when I read today’s passage. Paul laid it on pretty thick. It is very clear that Paul was not at all pleased with how the church in Corinth was behaving when they got together to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

I’m sure that some of the folks in Corinth were really put off by Paul’s comments; but I like to think that others heard the love and concern of a brother and then worked to correct the problem within their community.

That is the other side of the teasing in our family. We have learned to listen with a humorous ear and the knowledge that we are being teased because we are loved. We can choose to laugh at ourselves and embrace the teasing. I guess that is the lesson that I got from today’s reading.

Sometimes, we are going to get a word of correction or be told something that is hard to hear. We have the choice to become defensive and react against it; or we can listen with an open heart and embrace it.

Alan Davenport

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