Friday, October 26, 2007

I Corinthians 16:10-24

Sometimes we parents must be separated from our children. When I sent my daughter to college for the first time, this fall, love compelled me to issue many admonitions. I wanted to fit all my wisdom into some last minute advice to ensure a happy life for my daughter. (These consisted of the following, “Don’t overstuff your suitcases!” “Take Vitamin C and wash your hands a lot!” “Floss! Your dentist appointment isn’t until December!”).

Going through Paul’s writings, I have really come to appreciate his love for God’s people and how Paul can put his heart on the written page. Here at the end of the book of I Corinthians he labors over details of church organization. Then he is compelled to issue some admonitions in verse 13-14 and they stand out boldly in the middle of organizational details. The admonitions are a few sentences, but they could be written on an index card and be titled, “briefly, how to be a Christian.”

“Be on your guard.” Against materialism, discouragement…anything which Satan could dish out. “Stand firm in the faith.” “Be men of courage; be strong.” Then finally Paul’s hope for all of us, “Do everything in love.”

That last sentence I breath in and I hope love comes out when I exhale. I thank God for Paul and may we do all in love. Let our hands, voices, and thoughts be gentle for the kingdom of God.

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