Friday, January 04, 2008

Ephesians 5:1-20

Before we leave the Christmas season behind I am thinking of all the wonders of the season. Even though sometimes the glory of the season slips by in a blur we do have reflective, peaceful moments. Today’s reading speaks of how our lives can be like the Christmas season; a wonderful gift to the world.

Imitate God, Paul says; you are beloved by God and so live in the knowledge of Christ’s love for us. Our lives, reflecting God’s love, can so be a gift to the world. Jesus’ life was sacrificed as a fragrant, extravagant offering. We can all think of extravagant gifts which we have received, but none are so extravagant as the grace offered to us. I think of how the fragrances of Advent and Christmas are so satisfying; pine trees, candles, spices. Paul says that Jesus’ sacrifice was a fragrant offering to God.

Advent celebrates the coming of light into the world and victory over the darkness which used to rule the world. Paul says, we are children of light (v8). Like the lights of the season which shine into the cold and darkness, our lives can be a light.

Sing for joy, Paul says in closing. This Christmas, I thought about how good it is to be together with loved ones that we don’t see as much as we like. We even think about loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord. We can praise God, knowing that the coming of Jesus means, someday, we will all be together.

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