Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hebrews 6:13-20

One of the ways we used to fish in Florida was called “bottom fishing”. Basically, that meant dropping a bait down to the “bottom” of the ocean to catch tasty fish like grouper and snapper.

Now you may know that you can’t just drop your bait down anywhere. There are certain spots, like reefs or wrecks (old ships sunk for the purpose of attracting fish), that will be very productive. There will be other spots (the vast majority of spots, in fact!) where you could fish all day and not catch a thing. Often the difference between a productive spot and a non-productive one will only be a matter of feet.

So how does a person who wants to catch some fish stay on a productive spot? First they locate it (typically via a combination of GPS and a “fish finder” which graphically displays what the bottom looks like). And then they anchor over it. It would do no good to find a productive spot only to lose it again, or drift away from it due to wind, waves, and currents. The anchor is absolutely essential to staying on the sweet spot.

Hebrews speaks of our hope in the promise of God, and in His character that stands behind that promise, as an “anchor for our soul, firm and secure.” In other words , God—especially as He is known in Jesus—keeps us anchored to the “sweet spot” in life.

How is our anchor holding? Are we holding fast to the life God has made available to us in Jesus? Or are we adrift, tossed about by wind and waves and currents? Are we on the “sweet spot”, or are we lost at sea, not really knowing where we are going? Or perhaps what we are doing is rowing desperately, working so hard to stay in that sweet spot that we are completely exhausted. Maybe what we need to do is let down the anchor, trust in the goodness of God’s love and promise, and rest secure.

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