Friday, February 01, 2008

Hebrews 10:11-25

We are often reminded of how our world changes. I am reading a book about Manhattan, written by a man who has wandered it over 70 years. It’s hard to imagine New York City as a land of dense forests surrounding small Dutch settlements, isolated in the wilderness. I think of the fields surrounding my hometown neighborhood where my brother and I roamed with our little dog. The fields are gone now, like the dairy cows in my husband’s hometown.

The author of Hebrews starts this passage pointing out that in the past priests would have to make sacrifices over and over. The work that the sacrifices did wasn’t permanent and the effect of forgiveness would vanish like fields and forests of old. But, one very important thing is permanent, and that is the work that Jesus did for us, in the ultimate sacrifice of His life. He hit a home run the first time and the record still stands. I like the image in verse 12 of Jesus sitting down when His work was done, just like we do. But He didn’t have to get up again.

We are engulfed by change but this is our lifeline.

Since we have this lifeline, the passage goes on, we can approach God, clean in His eyes. We have this assurance, and God, who promised this to us, is faithful. Once again, we are reminded of God’s work for us.

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