Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thessalonians 2:1-12

1 Thessalonians is one of my favorite letters that Paul wrote. In fact I had the privilege of leading a Bible study on this letter. In my comments today, I will expand on a couple of verses at the end of today's reading.

In verse 18 Paul writes, "For we wanted to come to you ... but Satan stopped us." I like this verse because I believe Satan is real and that Spiritual warfare is real. As Christians we should attempt to understand God's will for each of us through prayer and meditation. Satan does not want God's will to be accomplished so he will devise all sorts of schemes to distract us from our communication with God. When there does not seem to be time for prayer in our busy lives, this can be Satan adding too many things to our plate. It is our job, our duty, to overcome Satan's distractions and make sure we do find the time to pray. Now in Paul's case I am sure Satan did not keep Paul from understanding God's will, but Satan evidently kept Paul from returning to visit the Thessalonians.

The other verse I want to touch on is verse 20, "Indeed, you (the Thessalonians) are our glory and joy." The ultimate reward is not money, prestige, or fame, but bringing new people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. No matter what ministry God is calling you to be a part of, your highest reward and greatest joy should be those who come to believe in Christ and are growing in Him. Remember, God's highest priority is people. The heavens are His, the stars, moon, and sun were made by Him, and the mountains and oceans are His handiwork - but people are His pride and treasure. If people are God's pride and treasure shouldn't they be ours too?

Wishing you the best in your walk with Christ,
Richard Leach

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