Friday, May 30, 2008

1 Timothy 5: 17-25

I remember how the Boyntons and their squeaky station wagon helped me through my high school years. In the 1970’s in northern California, Mr. and Mrs. Boynton were our youth group leaders. They had a big old station wagon with squeaky brakes which carried us (probably a lot of us at one time, without seat belts, given the times). I thankfully look back on their faithfulness. I remember Raymond, a seminary student and his wife. I remember Doug, who owned a construction company, and his wife. Each one gave something so valuable, their time. I wish I could ask them what made them give of their time but I believe that God Himself gave them a burden for teenagers.

I remember how “Grandma Bennett” helped me through my childhood. She taught our church kids’ class on Wednesday nights. Sometimes she simply read aloud to us as we colored Bible pictures. I remember how peaceful that felt to me.

In today’s Scripture Paul gives instructions about choosing Spiritual leaders. Helping others along the way takes some effort but may make bright threads for others to weave into the tapestry of their faith. I wonder why what I remember is laughter. I think because we felt like we were home. Sometimes it was better than home. It was a spiritual home and a little taste of what our heavenly home will be like.

I thank God for leaders who lead us home. Let us pray today for our leaders.

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