Friday, May 16, 2008

I John 3:1-10

If it’s been a long week, and you are tired; here are words of comfort; God lavishes love on us; (what a great word of excess); so much so that we are called children of God. In Scripture, we are called servants of God, worshippers and followers. But children! John invites us to wonder at this. The word lavish prompts me to think of a celebration where everything is made of gold. But how much more has God’s love been lavished on us, to include us in His family.

As a parent, at best I try to do what is right for my children. How much more does God love and protect and provide for me! As a child, I trust in my parents. How much more, as a child of God, can I trust in God and trust that He is working in my life. Just trust. God is your father. Think of the glory and grandeur of God. Then think of how He reached down, in the cross, to make us His children.

Now that we have realized this love of God, lavished on us, we are to use this knowledge to live in purity. In our dealings with others, we can see them as Christ sees them and treat them as Christ would treat them. Let us continually draw on the knowledge that God is our loving Father as we depend on Him for strength to purify ourselves.

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