Friday, June 13, 2008

Galatians 5:25-6:10

Sometimes we read something which makes brings to the surface an old, pleasant memory. Now that summer is here many of us return to see family in our hometowns. Last year I was in a class wherein one of our assignments was to draw the neighborhood we grew up in. As you can imagine, as we shared our stories, great memories came to the surface. When I remember the past it gives me a feeling of security; like I have a dock to stand on over a changing world of a sea. One of my earliest school memories is when I was in afternoon kindergarten, being so excited to see my older brother leaving school that I flew off my swing and ran to the schoolyard fence to talk to him. It’s that feeling of joy that I remember. Forty five years later my brother still waits for me whenever I need to talk to him.

In today’s reading Paul talks about something even more permanent than memory; the permanence of the life of the Spirit. He contrasts “sowing to the flesh,”(v.8) with sowing to the Spirit. It’s not hard to think of what sowing to the flesh is, it’s many of the things that occupy our lives. As we go about our day today, may we have the mindset that what we do can have eternal significance. Let us live close to the Spirit so that He may help us to plant something permanent, something that lasts for the kingdom.

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