Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Romans 4:1-12

Time and time again the Bible emphasizes the importance of faith above all else, and time and time again I find myself forgetting that.

The thing about faith is that it’s easy to forget how much of a gift it is. It’s easy to believe in God without trusting him; it is easy to believe in God without having faith in him. I think it’s actually a lot harder to keep up consistently than most people realize; for me I often feel that yes, since I’m a Christian, of course I have faith! I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; I believe that Jesus died for my sins and has saved me from damnation. So of course I have faith.

While this is certainly a part of having faith in God, I believe it is actually much more than that. Having faith in God is not just believing He exists and that He will save us from Hell. It is trusting him innately and wholly with not just our lives, but all the innumerable tiny little things that make up the mess of our lives. All those little things that we hold onto like a vice, those things that we are so afraid to relinquish control of—be they relationships, debt, or grades—these are the things that we must have faith enough in God to take care of. It is hard sometimes to have faith that God ultimately knows best when issues are so dear to our hearts—would it not be easy just to take care of these little things ourselves? We know about our relationships, debts, grades, loves better than anyone—should we not take care of them ourselves? Surely we should not bother God with such things, when He is taking care of our sins and saving our souls.

I would suggest, however, that true faith is trusting God with the little as well as the small. It is a continuous effort to give over everything in our lives into God’s hands, and as life goes on and new things are brought forth we must always remember to give them over to God and trust that He knows the best way for us to live. Faith is a continuous effort, not just a belief tucked away in the back of our hearts.

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