Monday, July 07, 2008

Romans 8:26-30

Today’s passage speaks about how God searches the heart. While in Belize this past week the pastor of the community church in Pomona, Pastor Wayne Lopez, gave a sermon that has stuck with me throughout the time since then. While the overall theme of his sermon was obedience, he also talked about how God looks at the heart and not the human mind, because the mind is fickle; so I am going to be working with that also, although I know it is not in the reading. Today’s passage, though, does not just say that God looks at the heart, it says that God examines the heart.

The first thing I am confronted with in this passage is the use of the word “searches.” While the word look is a passive word, the word “search” is active; it conveys an intimate involvement with our lives. The question is, though, are we willing to be searched. A search is invasive in nature, sometimes it does not reveal pleasant things, but we are also assured that all things will work together for good. Does this mean that everything we do is good or that God thinks it is okay? No, we do things that are not good, sometimes we break God’s heart; but because of God’s nature, God can handle it, and we have to trust that.

As followers of Christ we are called to have our heart’s searched, and to learn from what we find there. This has been illustrated to me, most recently, in Belize. As some of you may know I have been a vegetarian going on five years now, and while I recognize that it is a choice that I have made it has been carefully thought out and I regard my vegetarianism as part of who I am. But during the trip I did not have the ability to not eat meat, at first this really upset me, and petty justifications of my anger surfaced. But then I realized something; something that was not too pretty and something that, I am sure did not make God proud: I was putting myself before those I was there to serve. This has led to a lot of thinking on my part, a redefining of my priorities, and a broader trust in God. Would I have been better if I learned without the anger? Absolutely, but God still used the situation for good.

May we all understand that God can handle searching our hearts, and trust God will use what is found for glory.

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