Saturday, August 02, 2008

Acts 2:22-36

"He has poured out what you both see and hear"

I'd like to extend the discussion of the last post. Peter is addressing the crowd which is, to say the least, amazed and awestruck at what they see (tongues of fire) and hear (Galileans praising God in every language of the then-known world). These people from many different regions and dialects are nonetheless all Jews of the Diaspora. They know the Scriptures which speak of Messiah. They have also heard the news of a wonder-working itinerant rabbi who was turned over to the Roman authorities and cruelly executed. Peter connects these two strands with his testimony to the Resurrection of Jesus--why it had to be so--and his explanation of why, at 9 o'clock on this Sunday morning, there is cause for celebration that will endure through the ages--endures today.

A few weeks ago we were privileged to hear the testimony of several parishioners who had just returned from Belize. They provided poignant and convicting words that said in effect, sometimes you must go away in order to come home. What these young people had seen and testified to was the connectedness of a faith that has been passed along, person-to-person, for a hundred generations, and is being renewed in spirit in this generation as well. If we have not ourselves seen the risen body of Jesus, we have seen and heard things that are just as real, just as powerful.

May that Spirit speak and be heard among us today. Amen.

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