Friday, September 19, 2008

Acts 17:1-15

We know from other things that Paul has written how much he loved the Lord. In this passage Paul’s life is in danger, in Thessalonica, but he still perseveres. This is not only time in the book of Acts that believers are in danger. It’s easy to read this passage and marvel at God kept believers safe. But when I read it again, I think how scary it must have been for Paul and Silas to be chased by a mob. Paul then went on to Berea.

In Berea the Jews were more receptive to Paul’s message. What a relief that must have been, and how wonderful for Paul to preach and teach where people’s hearts were open to the Gospel. However, the Jews in Thessalonica, where Paul had been chased from, heard that Paul was teaching in Berea, they came to make trouble for Paul in Berea.

Again, Paul had to flee. It must have been discouraging to have his work in Berea interrupted. People there were eager and learning about Christ. There were new believers.

From these dangerous and shaky beginnings the church grew. It was in God’s hands. Today our lives (in this area at least) are not in danger if we hear the Gospel but the church seems shaky in other ways. Wobbling, we depend on Christ and He will care for us.

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