Saturday, September 27, 2008

Acts 20:1-16

Been doing a bit of reading lately...maybe too much. What is happening to the world? How can I possibly make sense of it all? What is my place in it? Warning signs are everywhere. Crisis, panic in the markets. Old enemies cannot break from the cycle of war. Would-be leaders trash their opponents with scant regard for the truth.
Well, we have had nearly twenty centuries since Luke and Paul traversed the Empire telling a unique story. We have had impact, on the fringes of the road that is history. Have we captured the road? No. Are we still relevant in the clash of cultures, factions, and economic systems? That remains for us to work out, with grace. Will we become just another Eutychus?
Oh, how tired I'm getting. My head, my eyelids grow heavy. On my desk is a blank sheet of paper. I should write a grocery list, or a thank you note to a dear friend who remembered my birthday. I have work still to do--can't go to bed now. Just need a nap. Wake me at midnight.

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