Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Acts 23: 12-24

In today’s reading, Paul is in prison and there is a planned ambush to kill him. The Jewish people have determined that Paul should die for his teachings. Let’s also remember, that Paul received prophecies a few chapters ago that God wants Paul in Rome. So Paul knows he is supposed to go to Rome. At this point, Paul has a choice – he can stay silent when he hears from his nephew there is a plot to kill him and just trust that somehow God will get him to Rome as planned, or he can do something to protect himself. Paul chooses the latter.

For me, this is encouraging. We don’t have to go silently to the slaughter. When there is a wrong being committed against us, we can act, even within the worldly structure to do something to protect ourselves. So often when bad things happen to us, we don’t act. Either because we don’t know what to do or we think somehow God will protect us without our doing anything. Sometimes God does. But God most often uses other people to do his Will. That being the case, sometimes we need to stand up, like Paul did, and defend ourselves. Weather we are being treated unfairly at work, if others have demands on us that just aren’t realistic or someone is falsely accusing us in some way. Sometimes the best way to handle it is to say something to someone who can help and not be like a sheep being silently led to the slaughter with the silent prayer of “Thy will be done.” Sometimes if we want God’s will to be done, we have to do something too.

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