Friday, October 31, 2008

Revelation 13: 1-10

In this continuation of yesterday’s Scripture, the dragon who had waged war against believers now gives his power to a beast. Verse 3 says that the whole world was astonished at the beast and followed the beast, as well as worshipping the dragon.

I wonder why we as humans want to worship something, be it the right or wrong thing. And , we tend to worship as a group; in this case the whole world worships what holds power and authority. Humans follow the crowd. I just read a book that really made me think that I tend to go along with the norms of society, even though the earth is not my permanent home.

Eventually, the beast blasphemed God and made war against the saints. What a reminder that this world is just our temporary home. For me that’s what I am reminded of as I read this sad passage; the earth will go through hard times but remember, it is not our real home. The writer of Revelation reminds us, we will be in the minority, but to patiently endure and to have faith.

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