Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Revelation 7:9-17

Wow. This is one of the passages in the New Testament that is the foundation of our Christian hope. With so much that seems to continue to go wrong in the world today, the economy, the stock market, people losing jobs, losing their homes, people continuing to die from preventable diseases, it would be easy to forget the One upon whom our hope is founded and what our hope looks like. It’s also easy to think that our hope really lies with our next President who we will be electing in a couple of weeks. But our hope is not founded on John McCain or Barack Obama. Our hope is founded solely upon Jesus Christ and the hope He has promised us not only for the future, but also now in our every day lives.

So, what is our hope? Our hope is that in spite of what is happening in the world around us, we know that we are loved and cherished by God and our evidence is that He sent his Son into the world for us -so that we might be saved. Our hope is that through all the struggles of this world, through all the disappointments, through all the tears, there is unspeakable joy to be found through our relationship with Christ. Our hope is in the knowing that one day we will stand before the throne of God, with all of the faithful all together, without strife, without discord where all tears will be wiped from our eyes and all sorrows dispelled and we will together praise our God. Our challenge is for us to live into that hope today – to know that we can do that in our lives now, and we don’t have to wait until we are gone from this world to stand before God and praise Him. We can do that each day in our homes, and each week in worship at St. Matthews. Join me in praising God for the hope we have found in Christ Jesus.

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