Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Revelation 8:1-13

To me, Revelation is a hard book to fully understand. Let me try to summarize today’s reading.

When the seventh seal on God’s judgment scroll is finally broken, the final time of the Tribulation unfolds. The first four plagues are introduced by angels blowing trumpets. These first four plagues will destroy one third of the earth, sea, rivers, and heavenly bodies.

Okay this sounds pretty bad. Have you ever heard on the news, or on some other media, a reporter describing the effect of a natural disaster – a flood, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake? Often times the report might say the devastation is on “biblical proportions”. Now I have no doubt that these disasters are terrible and create a lot of human suffering, but if these disasters are of biblical proportion, how do you think the media will report the plagues described in today’s reading? I do not think that when these plagues attack our world there will be any doubt that they are of biblical proportions.

When we move into the time of the Great Tribulation, this will signal the transition from the long period of human history into a time of judgment. In today's reading we see the first four plagues devastate nature. This is a warning to mankind to repent of his sins. So when these plagues strike why doesn't mankind repent? I know I would. It has always been a mystery to me how stubborn some can be. Remember the plagues that struck Egypt in the days of Moses? Why did it take ten of them before Pharaoh agreed to let the Hebrews go?

The good news to this story is that the Tribulation will end with salvation and victory for the people of God. Hallelujah!!!

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