Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1 Corinthians 3:10-23

The people of the church of Corinth were arguing. The church there was founded by Paul but due to it’s seaport bringing in people from all over the world and being in the center of Mediterranean life, there were all kinds of various influences and several leaders were raised up in the church and were in competition with local Greek mythological religions. Thus in this passage Paul addresses the people of the church and refocuses them on their true foundation – not teachings by the various leaders, not what the world around them would tell them is important, but their faith founded upon Jesus Christ out savior.

Like the Corinthians, we so often need to be refocused on what’s important. Are we following leaders – religious or political? Are we focused on what the world around us is telling us is important and what we should believe or is our faith firmly on our true foundation, Jesus Christ?? Where are our priorities and who is our foundation – and do our lives reflect that??

As we approach Thanksgiving, let us all take the time this week to really give thanks for what matters, family, friends and the grace we have been given through faith in Jesus our Savior – our one, true foundation.

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