Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ephesians 1:15-23

Obviously, today is Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving clearly implies that there are both things to be thankful for and someone to be thankful to. Eat all the turkey and pumpkin pie that you want, watch football or parades all day long, visit with family and friends—but if we don’t take time to stop and say “thanks”, we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving.

So who do we thank? Well, Paul is quite clear about that. He thanks God. And that is where we need to start as well, giving thanks to God for his goodness and love. Will you make time today, not just to say a quick prayer before eating, but to sit quietly and express your thankfulness to God? Or maybe you’ll want to make saying thanks to God a part of your Thanksgiving meal, going around the table and having everyone tell at least one thing for which they are thankful.

And what are we thankful for? Paul is thankful for people. That’s a good place to start. Who in your life are you thankful for? How will you tell them?

He is also thankful for the faith and love of these people—for the way they act to bring about good in the world. Maybe that’s something else we can be thankful for—goodness. Are you looking for goodness in the world and the people around you? It is there, and it too is something well worth being thankful for.

I am sure there are many other things we can think of for which are thankful. Let us not be selfish and silent. Let us give hearty expression to our thanks, and use this Thanksgiving day not just as a onetime occurrence, but as a pattern for how the whole of our lives should be lived.

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