Monday, November 17, 2008

James 2:14-26

What is a Christian? Am I one?

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions? I do.

Clearly, faith is more than just cognitive assent or intellectual acquiescence. Faith involves the whole persons. It involves our emotions in the form of trust. It involves our will in the form choice. It involves our bodies in the form of action.

For these reasons, faith cannot but help shape our life. If faith is present, there must be “hard copy” or concrete evidence that exists. Where is that evidence in our lives?

Another way of asking this might be is, “How is the church different from the world?” Or more specifically, “How is my life different from the life of the many, many good people who live exemplary lives but make no claim to faith?”

It can be a hard question to answer. But until we do… are we really following Jesus?

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