Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Revelation 14:14 - 15:8

This passage of Revelation calls to mind 2 images. The first is the parable of the Wheat and the Tares which is told in Matthew 13:24 – 30. Where the farmer has weeds and wheat but has to let them grow together because he cannot differentiate between them until harvest time. At the time of harvest he reaps the good and the bad is thrown into the fire. This sounds very much like the judgment story told in Revelation. The second image that I’m reminded of is when we read about the wine press in the vineyard, Jesus called himself the true vine in John 15: 1-8. This really shows that Revelation is the culmination of the judgment that Jesus told us would come and it would come just as He said. The question is, where do we fit? Are we the wheat? Or a weed? Do we live our lives faithfully as members of the kingdom even though all around us we are pulled in other directions by the weeds? Do we succumb to the pressures of living in the world or do we stay strong in the face of temptation? Are we the grapes that have ripened on the vine that IS Jesus Christ? Or not? When Jesus comes to reap what he has sown and comes with the sickle, where will we be? Our hope is in Christ as our vine and as the farmer who cares for us and loves us and cultivates us and helps us grow. We just need to stay focused on him, and not be suffocated by the weeds growing all around us.

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