Monday, November 10, 2008

Revelation 18: 15-24

For in one hour all this wealth has been laid waste!

Such is the twice repeated refrain of today’s passage. It is one that we can perhaps appreciate now more than ever. Watching historic drops in the stock market occur and trillions of dollars of wealth disappear in mere moments, this verse becomes an eerie description not just of the fall of an ancient empire, but of the events of our day.

One of the things these verses drive home is how insecure all the things of this world are. To look to any them—even to the most powerful nation the world has ever known—for security is ultimately to have a false hope. It is the very nature of this world, and of the things of this world, to pass away. No human being, and no human invention or institution can keep that from occurring.

In years past, if people had extra money many would just reinvest it with the expectation they would reap greater returns and enhance their financial security (which many people most directly relate with their personal security as well). Right now, that doesn’t look like a particularly attractive option. Wouldn’t it be far better to invest in something more secure?

That something is, of course, the Kingdom of God. It is the work of God in this world.

And it is not just money, of course. It is time. It is energy. It is our skills and our best thoughts. Will we invest these things in a world that doesn’t last, in pursuing a security that can be gone in the blink of an eye and is so is not secure at all?

Or will we invest in something lasting, something eternal, something that even all the forces of hell cannot stand against. Will you… will I… invest ourselves, all that we are, all that we have, in serving God and doing his will here on earth even as it is done in heaven?

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