Friday, November 28, 2008

Romans 15: 7-13

One of my favorite possessions is broken, but I still love it. It represents so much to me; loyalty and friendship, and the bonds between coworkers who have to spend hours in each others company and help each other make the burden of work lighter.

The object is laying in pieces on my nightstand, ready to be re-glued yet again. It’s a glass pelican.

In one of my moves, I was leaving a Florida town (hence the pelican). Two coworkers took me out to lunch and presented me with the pelican. I had gone through a lot that year and what they offered meant so much to me; love and support, now symbolized many years later by the little statue.

Paul, the writer of Romans can’t get enough of reminding us of the many blessings bestowed on us by Christ. “Welcome each other” Paul says, just as Christ has welcomed you.” Yesterday we had a day to reflect on our blessings. This Advent season, I hope to do as Paul says and, in remembering how Christ welcomed me, welcome others and bless them. We had a little start yesterday, as many families from St. Matthew’s made and served a Thanksgiving meal to needy families. It was a good time of gathering together.

We have all been needy or vulnerable at some point in our lives, like I was on that day when my coworkers blessed me with a pelican. May we remember and follow Christ’s example and welcome the vulnerable in many kinds of gestures.

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