Monday, December 08, 2008

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

It seems to that one of the most neglected beliefs in the church these days in the doctrine of the Second Coming of Jesus. Oh, I know there are some churches that are focused on Biblical prophecy, linking passages in the Bible to current events, and expecting that the end of the world is imminent. And I know there is a whole bestselling book series written about Jesus’ return. But what I mean is I don’t see many of us who call ourselves Christians living like the end is near.

Think about it. If we really thought Jesus might return at any time, and that nothing was more important than being ready, would we live differently? I would.

First, I’d be a lot less attached to worldly things. Now the truth is, I do live pretty simply, and I do so because of my commitment to Jesus. But even so, materialism and consumerism are still far more present in my life than I’d care to admit.

Second, I’d be a lot more careful with my time. Yes, I do give a lot of my time to service related activities. But even so, I still waste a lot of my time on trivial things that don’t matter one bit in light of eternity.

Third, I’d be a whole lot more willing to make sacrifices—little sacrifices and BIG sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel. What wouldn’t I be willing to sacrifice now if I believed eternity was going to begin any moment now?

I think part of the reason the early church lived so radically and changed the world so dramatically is that they took the belief in the imminent second coming of Jesus so seriously. And I think part of the reason the church today doesn’t look much different than the rest of the world is that we don’t…

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